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* New - International Distance Learning Course with John Andrews

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Professional Training Courses 2009-2011

The current 2009-11 course is underway. The 2008-09 Training Course completed in June 2009

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Professional Iridology Training with John Andrews
Modern & Holistic Iridology Course

Accredited Course in Modules for the Ir Qualification

The current course commenced on Saturday 26th September 2009 and continues through to January 2011. All modules, unless otherwise stated are held at John's clinic.

* Please note that this will be the last full iridology training course by John Andrews until September 2012 (The 2012 course will run until 2014)


John will take you from the very basics of iridology through to the latest advanced themes and research from the UK and around the world. You will learn how Iridology can help to expand your practice through greater accuracy and prioritization within any assessment. The comprehensive course content will provide the tools for you to apply Iridology within your practice confidently, accurately and with professional clarity. All aspects of Modern Iridology practice are covered in-depth. Payment for the course can also be made in installments - please email the office for further details or see the CD.

For a full prospectus & curriculum on CD-ROM please email with your postal address if you are in the UK to

Investment Fee £1200




New Advanced Iridology Qualification (Adv. Ir)

If you are an existing iridologist then you can take your professional qualifications and recognition further with the Adv.Ir certification. It demonstrates a greater understanding of modern & advanced iridology research, application & practice. It helps to convey additional confidence for your patients.


Global Qualification - Adv.Ir

• International recognition and peer review
• Certain seminars and courses are required to reach the aim

You can take the examinations at any time after completion of the pre-requisite seminar attendance (3 John Andrews Seminars or similar - see below)
• Register maintained - Small annual membership fee to maintain qualification
• Members receive a free AIRJ subscription every year
• Discounts on the latest courses and publications

Please email for qualifying Seminars & Modules

First Phase Advanced Iridology Qualification Examination - Adv.Ir
Final Advanced Iridology Examination - Adv.Ir


John Andrews Professional Iridology Training Module 2008-09

Open to all current undergraduate, previous graduates, students of other colleges and practitioners - see end of section for payment details. All attendees receive CPD certificate, CD of the day's presentation and a wealth of new information.


For the Professional Qualification of Ir

Time: 9.30 - 4.30/5

Venue: John Andrews Clinic

Materials: CDs of the module are issued after every class, plus publications/charts if necessary

Content: Each module covers in-depth classical & modern research in iridology. Course content is extensive, informative, inspiring and practical iridology. Each presentation is lavishly illustrated with stunning iris photography. Case histories are covered throughout throughout plus practical experiential exercises around the iris microscope

9th February 2008 - Induction & Introduction to Iridology, Health & Safety, Iris Topography, Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye & Course Overview

8th March 2008 - Differentiation of Iris Pigmentation - In-depth material plus combined with further topography

12th April 2008 - Differentiation of Lacunae & Crypts - in depth material plus combined with further iris topography work

17th May 2008 - Integrity of the Collarette

21st June 2008 - Miscellaneous Iris Signs & Transversals

12th July 2008 - The Pupil in Modern Iridology

20th September 2008 - Iris Constitutions, predispositions & diathesis

25th October 2008 - The Inner Pupillary Border

22nd November 2008 - Modern New Embryological Topography

13th December 2008 - Emotional Approaches in Iridology

31st January 2009 - Transversals in Modern Iridology

28th February 2009 - Conjunctiva, Sclera & Corneal Signs

* Please note the modules from March to June are not open to the general public - only current course undergraduates are able to attend

28th March 2009 - How to conduct a modern iridology examination

April 2009 - TBA - Clinical Overview

23rd May 2009 - Clinical Overview

27th June 2009 - Final Examinations

March 2010 - Further clinical modules open to previous course & seminar attendees

* A Mock Examination will take place several months before the final examinations

All Module Fees are £94 (inc VAT) - Pay for any module now.


Saturday 9th February 2008 9.30-5pm
Iridology Introduction & Modern Iris Topography


Saturday 8th March 2008 9.30-5pm
Differentiation of Iris Pigmentation


Saturday 12th April 2008 9.30am-5pm
Differentiation of Lacunae & Crypts


Saturday 17th May 2008 9.30am-5pm
The Integrity of the Collarette


Saturday 21st June 2008 9.30am-5pm
Miscellaneous Iris Signs & Transversals


Saturday 12th July 2008 9.30am-5pm
The Pupil in Modern Iridology


Saturday 20th September 2008 9.30am-5pm
Iris Constitution, predisposition & diathesis


Saturday October 2008 9.30am-5pm
Inner Pupillary Border


Saturday November 2008 9.30am-5pm

New Embryological Topography


Saturday December 2008 9.30am-5pm
New Perspective on Emotional Approaches in Iridology



Also TBC in 2009/2010:

• Modern Herbal Medicine for Iridologists Module 1 - July 2008 Leeds, England

• Modern Herbal Medicine for Iridologists Module 2 - June 2010 Leeds, England

• Homotoxicology & Iridology (2009)

• Dried Blood Analysis, Iridology & Optimum Detoxification Profiles with Dr Etienne Callebout & John Andrews in Leeds, West Yorkshire (2009)

Saturday 15th & 22nd September 2007 9.30am-5pm
Mock Examination & Scleral, Conjunctiva & Corneal Signs


Saturday 27th October 2007 9.30am-5pm
Clinical Applications In Iridology, Tongue & Fingernail Visual Analysis


Saturday 24th November 2007 9.30am-5pm
Clinical Applications in Iridology


Saturday TBC December 2007
Final Examinations Class 2006-07


All Module Fees are £94 (inc VAT) - Pay for any module now.


Advanced Iridology Research International Seminar 2012
Manchester, UK

With John Andrews, Dr Mikhail Dailakis, Dr Daniele Lo Rito, Dr Javier Salome, Claus Jahn, Dr Etienne Callebout, Dr Tchavdar Ninov, Dr Naila Loqueman and many more tbc.
• Full Programme available soon - email to be updated.

Also there will be an Iris Research Proposal or Full Research Presentations by students of John Andrews, but open to all. The most solid & pertinent feature and innovative research proposals or presentations will both win prizes. Full protocols for inclusion will feature on this site in July 2010.




If you require further information, please email John Andrews at with your questions or comments.